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Weekly Cleaning and Maintenance 

Our most popular service. All you do is swim, we take care of the rest. Our trained technician will come out once a week and clean your pool with consistency and care every visit. Your technician will fill out a Quality Care Checklist that includes...


  • vacuuming pool bottom

  • brushing pool walls

  • clean filter

  • check water chemistry

  • adjust water chemistry

  • empty skimmer baskets

  • empty pump baskets

  • empty pool sweep

  • inspect pool sweep

  • email time stamped photo of work completed along with full service report.

weekly maintenance include average use chemicals and starts at $245 per month​


We can help you with any repairs your pool or equipment may need. Anything from a small leak to a new equipment pad. With expert know-how, our helpful team can find exactly what you need and explain the best options suited to your application. We repair and install all makes of... 

  • circulation pumps

  • booster pumps

  • filters

  • heaters

  • control panels

  • chlorination systems

  • automatic cleaners

TICL #795 

Green to Clean

Sometimes your backyard oasis becomes more of a nightmare. If you just can't get it clear again, or you may have something living down there. Clearly Texas Pool Service can turn the green to blue. We walk you through options depending on how long the pool has been green, and get you enjoying the backyard again.

  • chemical treatment

  • remove debris and dead algae

  • drain if needed 

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