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The Importance of Calcium in La Vernia, TX Swimming Pool Fill Water

The Importance of Calcium in La Vernia, TX Swimming Pool Fill Water
The Importance of Calcium in La Vernia, TX swimming pools

For over 27 years Clearly Texas Pool Service has tested and maintained local La Vernia pools. From those tests we can safely say that if you are in La Vernia or sourounding areas, it is highly likely your pool has low calcium.

Swimming pools can be a great source of fun and relaxation, but proper maintenance is essential for a healthy and safe pool. One important factor to consider is the calcium content in the fill water. Calcium is an essential mineral for any pool and must be maintained at optimal levels for the longevity of the swimming pool.

When calcium levels in the fill water are low, the pool can become more prone to damage from things like corrosion and etching. Corrosion occurs when the fill water is too acidic, it can damage pool equipment, lights and coping. Etching occurs when the water with low calcium tries to seek balance by taking calcium from the pools finish and tile grout.

In order to prevent these issues, calcium levels in the fill water must be carefully monitored.

Calcium levels should be tested regularly, and in some pools, it may be necessary to add more calcium to maintain healthy levels.

When adding calcium to the fill water, it’s important to use the correct amount. Adding too much can lead to issues like cloudy water, scaling, and the formation of calcium deposits. It’s also important to make sure the calcium is evenly distributed throughout the pool.

Calcium is an important part of any swimming pool, and maintaining healthy calcium levels will ensure that the pool remains safe and attractive for many years to come. With proper monitoring and maintenance, a pool with low calcium in the fill water can be just as enjoyable as a pool with higher calcium levels.

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